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Jack 15 :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 7
The Five Crazy's:Day One
Day 1
A series of clicks.
A series of clicks.
"Arg! Stop the test! Stop the test!"
A series of clicks.
"Hate to say it Jacket, but I think it's stuck that way." Jacket looked at the eleventh Doctor and nodded. He put the device back in his pocket. And went to his fridge. "You know...You're really not that bad for killing a ton of people...Innocent, mind you." He pulled out his device of his pocket.
A series of clicks.
"They were not innocent. They deserved every bit of pain."
"...I said you weren't that bad."
"Hello there, old champs!" They both turned there heads to Wheatly, who had just woken up. "Hello, Wheatly. How's it going?" He moved with his grind to get to the Doctor. "Great! Considering the fact that they somehow manage to use a way better battery charger than where I use to live! I have never felt so energetic in my life!" A green flash appeared in
:iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 4
Mature content
Jacket and Daring Doo :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 1 5
The Five Crazy's
Boredom. The only thing he felt right now. Being the creator of a universe, he usually just makes something happen to entertain him, help his people, and overall give him something to do. But today...There wasn't anything! On normal days he likes to watch his people interact. On events he's basically watching a movie. But today. Nothing. Literally. He didn't have any ideas for a villain, new character, or anything! And Discord was with Fluttershy having a tea party. Pity...
He looked around in Ponyville, hoping to find a least someone, or somepony, having some sort of character development! Low and behold, his prayer was answered.
Spike walked in the library, with Twilight reading a book titled "The Meaning of Friendship". Heh...It's the sort of thing she would read.
"Hey, Twilight!" She snapped her head at Spike, keeping the book open. "Oh, Hey Spike!" He could tell that Spike was as bored as he was. "What ya' reading?" Spike ran up to the purple alicorn. "I was just reading "The Mean
:iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 4
Mature content
A Journey Beyond Insanity (Chapter 2) :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 0
Mature content
A Message To My Readers :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 0
Mature content
The Attack on FOB (Chapter One) :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 1
Mature content
The Attack on FOB (Prologue) :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 2
Mature content
A Journey Beyond Insanity (Chapter 1.5) :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 6
Mature content
A Journey Beyond Insanity (Chapter 1) :iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 2
Fanfiction: A Journey Beyond Insanity (Prologue)
A Journey Beyond Insanity
Prologue: Introductions
Okay...So, if someone told me what happen to me would happen I wouldn't have believed them. But now...Jesus Christ! Not only am I trapped in this world, but I had to be a cliche form too! Why, oh why did this happen to me!? There's thousands of people that would kill there family's to be here, as sickening as it may be, and it had to be me! Well, seeing as i'm going to have to break the fourth wall, might as well introduce myself...
(Note: This is not me in real life.)
I'm Jack Edward Smith. Nice last name, don't you think? I'm a brony that really, is more a fan of the fandom than show. I like Fallout Equestria more than the show itself! And I wouldn't abandon my family to be in the show! Nor' hurt them! But...I was transformed into an alicorn, real original, I know, and now I have to live in this fake world known as: My Little Pony.
So, I present to you: My Journey. The story of how I came into this world, why, and other stuff...Now th
:iconthenonartist64:TheNonArtist64 0 2


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I have one question...

What the fuck is a Sonic!?
The mobile game: Slaughter Horse (Use to be named Pinkamena but copyright) is a great game.

Just play it.
Okay, here's the deal. Recently I haven't been making any Fanfictions recently because, well...

1. One is currently being edited

2. And I feel uninspired to make any more.

I don't know why, but every time I read what little I wrote down...It felt...Bad. Awful. Like it was just another bad story.

I even asked permission from someone to make a certain FanFiction, but it just turned out bad.

My I think the main reason is my pacing. Multiple people have criticize me for it yet no matter what I can't fix it...

I think I need help...
I've now got a FANFICTION.NET ACCOUNT!!!! YEAH!!!!!

(Same Name Of My Dev.)


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Well...I Like Rotom, TheOdd1sOut, and Horror games. I am also an MLP fan...of the fandom. DANK MEMEZ.


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